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Famous Painters

Sitio en castellano.
Most known famous painters have reached their mastery not only with study and practice. A subjective motivation lies behind their state of art work, showing singular logic esthetic expressions. Besides their colour application skills, these gifted painting masters demonstrate at first sight that their talent is a wide open virtue.

Painter's Masterpieces

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Pictoric Art

Even though art expressions arise from a conscious and also unconcious impulse, famous painters employ their sight, more than their ideas and feelings. For example, the famous painter Leonardo, draws defined edges, showing in his paintings focused images, thus, inviting the observer to place himself near the artwork.
Different is the pintoric art of the impressionist painter, that fixes his attention more in the shadows than forms themselves, thus, resulting in unfocused images. This condition forces us to gain distance from the painting, avoiding detailed schematic analisys, observing the image as a whole.

Pintura de artista francés. Obras de impresionista americana. Cuadro al óleo tornasolado.
Bouguereau Cassatt Renoir

Art's History

The art expressions appeared simultaneously with hominids. All related human being activities require art for its execution: build a shelter, set fire, carve a bow or cave painting. Gifted with an innate impulse in their fist and, after the printing invention, the creators of literary, plastic and architectonic artworks showed a sustained increase, caused by the natural necessity of pure self satisfaction, obtained when we materialize what has borned in our own creative mind.

Art's Definition
Human activity manifestation through which a personal and uninterested vision is expressed, interpreting something real or imaginary, through a plastic, linguistic or sound resource.
See art time line.

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